SkinTox (a.k.a MesoTox, microTox)

SkinTox is an advanced approach to reducing wrinkles, involving the injection of Botulinum toxin into the skin's layers. This technique aims to minimize skin imperfections like pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. Mesotox is not limited to facial rejuvenation; it can also address neck and chest wrinkles. Moreover, it contributes to enhancing skin firmness, which may have declined over time due to laxity. 

Also referred to as MesoTox or MicroTox at times, this method employs ultra-thin, hair-like needles that penetrate the skin tissues, rather than targeting muscles. It precisely delivers neurotoxin medication to the sweat and oil glands beneath the skin's surface, resulting in a smoother and refined skin texture.

Benefits of SkinTox

SkinTox offers several advantages beyond wrinkle reduction:
- Improved Skin Texture: It enhances skin texture in areas like the eyes, neck, and chest.
- Reduced Pore Size: SkinTox minimizes facial pores, resulting in smoother-looking skin.
- Sweating Control: It can help manage unwanted facial perspiration.
- Skin Tightening: SkinTox tightens the skin around the eyes, face, neck, and décolletage while reducing wrinkles.

How does Mesotox differ from traditional anti-wrinkle treatments?

SkinTox varies in terms of neurotoxin medication concentration and dosage. It employs micro-needles to administer the medication to the skin tissue, making it effective for improving fine lines and skin tightness unrelated to muscle contractions or facial expressions.

Traditional neurotoxin treatments like Botox or Dysport, on the other hand, use larger doses injected into specific muscles to reduce muscle movement. These treatments are ideal for addressing deeper lines caused by facial expressions.

Does MicroTox treatment cause discomfort?

Anti-wrinkle treatments using neuromodulators are generally well-tolerated. Tiny needles are used to deliver the medication, resulting in sensations akin to "little mosquito bites." It is normal for the injection site to appear slightly red and possibly tender with small puncture marks. The signs of treatment are minimal, often allowing patients to return to their daily activities without noticeable signs of treatment.

How long does SkinTox treatment last?

It typically takes effect within two weeks and lasts for approximately 3 months on average, although individual results may vary based on lifestyle factors. To maintain the desired results, it is advisable to undergo repeat treatments every 3-4 months.

It's important to note that the specific results and benefits of the treatment may vary depending on the individual's skin condition, treatment plan, and other factors. It's essential to consult with our specialists to determine if the treatment is suitable for your specific needs and expectations.

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